Much has been written and broadcast of late suggesting the Chinese are intent on world domination over the next 20 or so years. So much so that tensions between many countries and the Chinese are as strained as they have ever been; snapshot last Tuesday’s concerted effort by the Turnbull government to smooth over strained relations with China. My personal view is the Chinese are very adept at taking advantage of countries, states and private and public corporations experiencing funding pressures to deliver on promises previously made. Take the recent investment by Chinese firm Aqualand in the listed but ailing McGrath real estate business  or, one might argue, the knock down price of $52 million the 27 year old Aqualand managing director spent to acquire Villa Igiea, best remembered as the long-time Vaucluse home of the late TNT transport tycoon Peter Abeles.

Whether it’s investments in ailing business or funding airstrip length wharves in Vanuatu the Chinese are certainly raising eyebrows across the Pacific.

By Richard Aulsebrook