Whether we are trying to convince the kids it’s bedtime or we’re selling a widget or simply want a favour from a total stranger PRE – SUASION  “A Revolutionary way to Influence and Persuade” by New York Times bestselling author Robert Cialdin is an utterly fascinating insight into the tactics that all marketeers, professionals, consumers or parents need to be aware of to be their effective best.

I was first exposed to Robert Cialdini’s earlier work INFLUENCE by a friend completing his MBA and I have to say the sequel, PRE-SUASION captured my attention from the first page. Cialdini is a world renowned Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing and in this sequel he exhaustively reviews the research not on how to influence others but on how to make people ready to be influenced. It’s a quick read and a good tome for later reflection when preparing for the next big pitch. Essential, enjoyable and insightful; I highly recommend it.