Personalised services for new and seasoned buyers alike

The Aulsebrook family have been operating its mortgage broking  business, Morgan Brooks, since the 1980s and has recently relocated to Docklands.

Being in the centre of the banking and finance hub, Morgan Brooks stands out with its personalised service, in-depth industry knowledge, experience and community involvement.

“With many lenders adapting digital technology, many of our competitors have moved to online applications supported by offshore call centres. Although that method may hold appeal to tech savvy borrowers there’s no substitute for experience, personalised 24/7 service and knowing what lenders “appetites” are at any point in the lending cycle,” Ashleigh Aulsebrook said.

Morgan Brooks specialises in residential and commercial mortgage loans for clients who may find it challenging to get a loan due to their financial background, existing exposure to other lenders or simply self-employed individuals with complex financial statements.

“We offer a free Loan Approval Insights Report setting out the 10 most common mistakes borrowers make when applying for a loan; it’s never quite as simple as just filling in the boxes and crossing your fingers. Today, lenders are adopting  different rates of interest when stress testing your ability to service the loan you are applying for, not to mention other loans you may already have. Responsible lending is todays lending mantra,” Ms. Aulsebrook said.

“For us, it’s about understanding our clients motivation and objectives and then matching their personal financial background with the lender that most closely meets or surpasses those goals. It’s not always the bank with the cheapest rate although having said that we have owner occupied rates as low as 3.68%”.

Morgan Brooks was established as a family business more than 30 years ago and 40 per cent of its shares were at one time owned by Australian Unity and it had 108 franchises across Australia.

Following the GFC and Australian Unity’s sale of its building society, the Aulsebrook family bought back the shares and rights from the shareholders and franchisees and Morgan Brooks went back to being a family business in 2005.

“We previously had offices on Collins St and Flinders Lane and moved to Brisbane. Coming back to Melbourne all these years later, we are aiming to gain a foothold in Docklands,” company founder and managing director Richard Aulsebrook said.

Mr. Aulsebrook is a broker with a wealth of knowledge in non-bank lending, having worked in the United States for Citibank CA, San Bernardino S& L and Century Park Financial Corporation in the securitization division before returning to Australia to initially consult to Brick Securities before setting up his own mortgage management company.

Now three decades in business, Morgan Brooks has formed strong relationships and has built an impeccable track record with securing loans for first-home buyers and seasoned investors.

Its new location in Docklands also gives it the strategic advantage to reach out more to clients who prefer personalised service and more competitive rates from mortgage brokers than big banks.

“We have a wide range of loan products and having our own Australian Credit Licence means we can work with any lender. We have several “white label” loan products providing access to a variety of loans not otherwise available through the branch network; which is a big bonus when  using a broker,” Ms. Aulsebrook said.

Apart from its unique offering, Morgan Brooks is also looking to further strengthen its bond with the local community.

Morgan Brooks provides free advice and information for anyone with questions about home and commercial loan and helps people get a better grasp of lender’s appetite.

For more information or to speak to the Morgan Brooks team, visit, email or call 1800 801 999.

By Sunny Liu